In an ecological approach we promote the mobility of promotional actions through various customized solutions. 

We think with you to diffuse your message to an ecological and mobile way.

We propose differents solutions but or basic services is the rolling display which we can duplicate in different forms. The possibilities are endless. 


Of course, we have lots of other ideas that we would be happy to share with you in private! Give us a call and we'll look into it together!

Advertising that moves !

We put the bicycle at the forefront of all our broadcasts. This is why we offer you the rolling display which is an ecological and mobile way to get your message across. 


Duration : You decide.

We take care of the print of the cover, the authorizations, the creation of the route, the taking of promotional photos that we send you after each action.  

Multiple Locations

We are different in several European countries. 

All belgium, France, Copenhagen. 

Affordable Prices

All our campaigns are carried out on estimate.

Easy to be everywhere

Given the different dissemination solutions that we offer this allows us to be present at all locations according to the different conditions of the campaign.

Group Variety

Thanks to the diversity of our clients, we were able to create different and/or complementary networks. We carry out and update our networks in each campaign.