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1000 Bruxelles 


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CosMotion has existed for 4 years in Belgium. 
We ensure the street marketing of many brands and cultural events. 

We have created a high-performance network that is updated weekly. 

No support stops us, while taking the legal precautions related to it. 

We carry out broadcasts all over Belgium in both the Flemish and French-speaking parts of the country. 

We are also present in France and Copenhagen.  

CosMotion also offers you a dedicated service on our media through which we create online display windows. 

Tonight represents a community that has been active in the Belgian cultural field for more than 6 years and brings together more than 67,000 people on our various networks

Our team is passionate about the urban world and visual communication. 

We put a lot of emphasis on the creative and innovative aspect of our campaigns. We offer basic services that we propose to you but that we personalize and customize according to your expectations. 


Juliette Greindl

+32 476 70 86 42

Brussels | Belgium

Emilie Bauer


Brussels | Belgium

Mouss Sy


Brussels | Belgium

Our Promo Team

+32 476 70 86 42 

Brussels | Belgique